12. helmikuuta 2018

A voice

i am the voice

can i spam here

chain of thoughts / notes after waking up this morning
freezing cold
where's my tights
i'm white like a ghost
do i have any memories from 2005
head pressure
i hate beach
have i gained or lost weight
i know i know i have to sleep more
maybe it's the snow, i'm feeling better
why me
wwwwhy do i watch horror movies
periods makes me feel sick and cold
I punched him in the face in a dream

hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhow do i remember all this

sometimes i think i have felt everything i'm ever going to feel. and from here on out, i'm not going to feel anything new.
just lesser versions of what i've already felt.

(from Her, 2013)

i am the voice

i am slowly fading

i am feeling better

this is my first time here

i can spam here

if and when you're reading this, these memories has already transformed into another form.